Georgia Rebate Realty - Cash Back Rebate Program

Submitting an offer is simple you may either fax your offer in to us at (678) 336-7120 or you can E-mail your offer to

If you are submitting an offer in on the purchase and sales agreement contract provided by the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR Form) we would like to see the following special stipulations in the contract:

1.  Seller will transfer property via a limited warranty deed.

2.  Earnest money is non-refundable.

3.  Georgia Assoc of Realtors automatic 7 day extension for financing is not applicable.

4.  Contract can be extended for a $75/day extension fee.

5.  No assignments can occur without written agreement and additional earnest money.

6.  No Contingencies will be accepted.

7.  Seller disclosure or termite letter will not be provided.

8.  Not contingent upon financing.

Although we have worked with several closing attorneys over the years our closing attorney of choice is John Scoggins with Fearnley, Califf, Price, Walker & Stuart LLC.  Contact information for our preferred closing attorney is listed below.

3168 Mercer University Drive Ste 101

Atlanta, GA 30341

Phone: (678) 218-4649

Fax: (678) 336-7123

John Scoggins (Attorney) (678) 218-4667      Email

Patti Hurley   (Paralegal)   (678) 218-4669      Email

Rashonda Lewis (Pre-Closer & Post-Closer) (770) 218-4668      Email